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 sleddog tour Altevatn 1996/1997  

Map courtesy to Bjørn Klauer & Peter Bickel @ 
www.huskyfarm.de Always having had a winter-tour with dogs in mind, the most trivial and difficult question at the same time was: how do I get dogs for that? Borrow my best friend's dog? Nope, she wasn't really in a good shape - and too small and nasty anyway. Who else might help? Well, usually I prefer to plan and do my outdoor activities myself (and with friends) and without any support of commercial companies. But for this kind of tour, it seemed to be unavoidable.... When reading German outdoor magazines, looking for such kind of adventure, you cannot miss a small ad saying "Wenn Sie unterwegs zum Nordpol sind, kommen Sie auf halbem Weg bei uns vorbei". What kind of guy might that be putting this small b/w ad, just stating this text and his phone number, between all these coloured high-tech and promising-everything ads?? Only one way to find out. After Christmas 1996, I went there to do my first sled-dog tour ever: 8 days far up in northern Norway, with lots of dogs and snow. What would that be like? It was simply great! More tours should follow...

I travelled to Narvik by train, which took 2 days in each direction (quite a distance, see map). On the way there a I passed Linköping, the city where I should move to three years later, asking myself the question, why almost all cities in southern Sweden do end on -köping? Maybe to confuse foreigners...??

Map courtesy to Bjørn Klauer & Peter Bickel @ 
www.huskyfarm.de To cut the dull story, here is the tour: The sled-dog tour itself was basically heading from Bjørns farm in south eastern direction on the lake Altevatn, and then to return. Quite a good thing to start with, not too difficult to drive, but quite rewarding landscape.

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first meters on the sled
morning enthusiasm
colourful sky
in the Lavuo...
...not too bad
sesame street
almost home

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