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 Gomera & Tenerife, 2003  

A good way to feel young is to get on a charter plane to Tenerife (at least when you're well unter 50). Once you had this experience you can get off the plane in Tenerife and start enjoying climate (yeah, well, not too bad) and nature. Spains highest peak is waiting for you, a bunch of other nice walks and - eventually - some days on the beach. When travelling further to Gomera, ferry (from Los Christianos) or plane (from the northern airport) are the options. Ferry tickets can be bought without problems on the spot (when you don't have a car). A bus will bring you from the southern airport to the ferry teminal sooner or later. Once you have a guide-book including descriptions of the walks, you don't really need a map for walking purposes (the small maps in the guide-book will be sufficient). A road map for getting around with the car or getting some kind of overview of the islands would be ok to have.

A rental car is also nice to have on both islands (it's not impossible without), and a reservation for both rental car and accomodation is clever. Then one can basically start off with a light backpack, containing enough water for the day trip and probably some rain clothes and sun blocker.

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