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 Iceland trip 2000  

After having had a trip to Iceland in mind a couple of times since 1992, we finally made it there in summer 2000. We picked the period late August/early September, which is basically the end of the outdoor season on Iceland. It's getting colder and quite windy, so that mainly Germans venture there in that time of the year 8-) Our tourist program consisted of exploring the Reykjanes Region, including a lazy afternoon in the Blue Lagoon, a quick glimpse at Gullfoss and Geysir during the bus trip from Skogar to Reykjavik, and a two-day stay in the capital itself.

Some Observations:
The info following now is what we noticed when being there (summer 2000). They are meant as additional info to your guide book. But be aware, that things might have changed since then (insert the corresponding statement by Lonely Planet here 8-)

Collected Links:
Our Trip:
  • 2000-08-12: flight to Keflavik
  • 2000-08-13: exploring Keflavik (not that much to explore)
  • 2000-08-14: Blue Lagoon (you can't miss it...)
  • 2000-08-15: bus to Reykjavik and flight to Isafjördur
  • 2000-08-16 to 21: trip on Hornstrandir, Westfjords (see photo page)
  • 2000-08-22: flight back to Reykjavik
  • 2000-08-23: bus to Landmannalaugar (8:30-13:00)
  • 2000-08-24 to 29: hiking the Laugavegur and continuing to Skogar (see photo page)
  • 2000-08-30: bus back to Reykjavik, including everything a tourists needs to see: Gullfoss, Geysir,....
  • 2000-08-31 to 09-01: sightseeing Reykjavik
  • 2000-09-02: bus to Keflavik and flight home

  • Photos & Tour Descriptions: Westfjords and Laugavegur

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