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 sled-dog tour Jukkasjärvi 2000

This is my second sled-dog tour with Bjørn Klauer, who lives somewhat remote in northern Norway (near Narvik, see map). The first tour is described here . This time, I went there at the end of the season, in April. Actually, we first planned a tour on Svalbard, which was cancelled (but will hopefully take place in spring 2001), after that a tour from the Russian border to Innset (cancelled as well). Finally, it became a tour from Innset to Jukkasjärvi an back, a trip about 9 days to go, making some 380 k's - we had quite excellent snow conditions and the weather was fine as well, except for the first day, where we drove in a quite refreshing drizzle to Bjørn's Lavuo. Temperatures where quite warm, only one night at -10 deg C, the others where even warmer. The most amazing fact that I always will remember is that we gained some 15 minutes of daylight per day!! I.e. every day, the "day" was a quarter of an hour longer, which comes to 2 1/2 hours in 10 days!! Map courtesy to Bjørn
Klauer & Peter Bickel @ www.huskyfarm.de
The schedule of out trip, all coordinates are in Swedish Grid & RT90 (even those in Norway), measured with a Garmin GPS12 and an EPE of about 10m:
  • 08/4-2000: Arrival at Bjørn Klauer's Huskyfarm
  • 09/4-2000: Instructions & a nice trip through slight drizzle to the Lavuo
  • 10/4-2000: Politiodden cabin (O 1660927, N 7608100)
  • 11/4-2000: cross-country to-wards Jukkasjärvi, putting up the tent at O 16344162, N 7580090
  • 12/4-2000: Moving on to O 1711191, N 7548403
  • 13/4-2000: Nameless hut near Jukkasjärvi at O 1723525, N 7548272
  • 14/4-2000: A loop around the scooter chaos in Jukkasjärvi, then heading back to the Poilitiodden cabin. Camp at O 1692259, N 7549608
  • 15/4-2000: Camp at O 1680781, N 7578944
  • 16/4-2000: Politiodden cabin
  • 17/4-2000: Holiday for the dogs and snowshoe tour for the humans
  • 18/4-2000: Back to Bjørns place in Innset: sauna and beer!
  • 19/4-2000: Nothing special...
  • 20/4-2000: Flight home
Map courtesy to Bjørn Klauer &
Peter Bickel @ www.huskyfarm.de/

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the new big tent...
musher's perspective
musher's perspective (2)
musher's perspective (2)
Bjørn Klauers farm

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