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 Kungsleden tour 1989

Having always dreamt of hiking in Scandinavia during our short outdoor and hiking career (something like four years), we decided to walk the Kungsleden in Sweden, with short visits to Kebnekaise and then heading on to Narvik (from Abisko). Did we really deserve to do the "royal" discipline in hiking just like that after leaving high-school? Well, this question ist still un-answered, but we can certainly say that being four weeks outdoors is a great adventure and a big fun. We were deeply impressed by the wide and open landscape and the absence of virtually any people, at least on the southern part up till Kvikkjokk, where we met some people, bought some food and learnt to hate mozzies.

The northern part of Kungsleden from Kvikkjokk is without doubt more crowded. One reason is that you can do this part without a tent, since the walk offers huts in day-walk distances. Moreover, one has the opportunity to do some shopping more often. We decided to do a 2-day extension to climb Kebnekaise - certainly worth a visit, even though the weather wasn't that brilliant. We noticed that the Kungsleden-valley was the most crowded part of our trip, since a lot of people go in coming from Nikkaluokta. From Abisko we proceeded over the coastal montains to Narvik; doing this along the main road was maybe not the best idea of our life, but it was quite fun anyway. In total our walk covered some 470 km's, additionally some rowing on lakes, fishing and so on - divided like this:

Arrival and Southern part:
Northern Part, extension to Narvik and Departure:
  • 1989-07-01 to 03: train + bus to Ammernäs, way up to the windshelter
  • 1989-07-04: Ammernäs vinskydd - Dellikälven dal
  • 1989-07-05: Dellikälven dal - raststuga Bäverholmen
  • 1989-07-06: raststuga Bäverholmen - Lutaure
  • 1989-07-07: Lutaure - Jäkkvikk
  • 1989-07-08: Jäkkvikk - polar circle
  • 1989-07-09: polar circle - Tjålmokjauretja (Västerfjäll)
  • 1989-07-10: Tjålmokjauretja - Spietmann plateau
  • 1989-07-11: Spietmann plateau - Kvikkjokk (capital of the moskitos)
  • 1989-07-12: Kvikkjokk - raststuga Huornatj
  • 1989-07-13: raststuga Huornatj - Aktse
  • 1989-07-14: Aktse - Sitojaure
  • 1989-07-15: Sitojaure - Saltoluokta
  • 1989-07-16: Saltoluokta - Vakkotavare
  • 1989-07-17: Vakkotavare - Kaitum
  • 1989-07-18: Kaitum - Kebnekaise fjällstation
  • 1989-07-19: Kebnekaise sydtopp
  • 1989-07-20: Kebnekaise fjällstation - Sälka
  • 1989-07-21: Sälka - Alesjaure
  • 1989-07-22: Alesjaure - Abiskojaure
  • 1989-07-23: Abiskojaure - Abisko fjällstation
  • 1989-07-24: Abisko fjällstation - Låktajåkka
  • 1989-07-25: Låktajåkka - somewhere behind the border in Norway
  • 1989-07-26: ? - Narvik
  • 1989-07-27 to 30: funny days in Narvik
  • 1989-07-31 to 08-02: train home

Photos: Ammernäs-Kvikkjokk
Photos:  Kvikkjokk-Narvik

Some Links and book recommendations:
Because of the huge interest in Kungsleden, it is pretty easy to find articles in magazines and on travel pages, along with several books. Here I list the ones we used at that time along with some new material that I ran into later on. This list is certainly far from being complete:

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