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 New Zealand, 2004  

New Zealand - walking paradise this is why we went there. Sure, you can do loads of other things when being there. Crazy stuff in Queenstown, whale watching at the coast, getting sun baked at the beach. But we spend most of the time for walking, only in two spots: Tongariro nationl park in the north and the south west corner of the south island, adding up to some four weeks in october/november 2004:

Walking the tracks is described on two separate pages. Check out the:
Tongariro, Hump Ridge, Kepler, Greenstone and Caples Tracks or
the famous Milford Track.

This page is, as all the others, by no means to meant to replace an up-to-date guidebook, see references below. The following remarks only serve as additional information:
Some useful resources and references:

Apart from hiking, New Zealand also offers a great deal of culture. The following Maori relicts have been photographes in Waitangi National reserve (north island); the more recent, but in less well condition, equipment in Port Craig village (south island). Click on a thumbnail to view the fullsize image:
Maori boat...
...and its captain?
Watching the door.
Collects water,
collects sun,
looks interesting,
does not serve
anybody anymore!

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