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 Patagonia 2002/2003  

Finally, Patagonia the dream of all outdour people and regular guest in the top spots of "world's best trek" ranking lists. So, one should go there? YES, one should! The place to go travel by plane is Rio Gallegos (Argentina) or Puerto Natales (Chile). Then take to bus to the places you like: Torres del Paine, Calafate etc. Remember that you must not take any fresh food across the border (customs will check). In the case that you have a stop-over in Buenos Aires and I should recommend a place to stay there, Gran Hotel Hispano is nice&clean, reasonably cheap, english speaking and located quite central at Av de Mayo.

Once you made it down there, it's just enjoying the nature. Yes, it is quite full some times, which also means that going alone is no problem since you always meet people to hook up with. Besides, I really never felt unsafe at those places. For travel details there are plenty of homepages or books around (see below), we did well using Lonley Planet. The known trekking bases are well equipped, for instance getting some shellite for the stove is no problem at all. In Puerto Natales or Calafate it is also possible to buy some equiment. A sleeping bag in that you feel comfortable at 5 deg celsius below zero is good to have, along with a strom-proven tent. Although the Patagonian wind is not as impressive as its rumours, Scandinavian winds can impress as least as much, but still: it can be very windy. Warm clothes, hat and gloves should also be in you pack. But, you could get started. We spend roughly five weeks there (which is quite a lot I think), the only annoying thing being that you meet quite some people on "around the world in one year" or "southamerica on six months" trip. Those guys always felt sorry with us " ooooh, only five weeks". But it pays off to go there for five weeks (only :-), like this:

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