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 Peru 2005  

Travelling to Peru means getting robbed in the first place?! No, that is not true :-) This is what we did:

Enjoy the Santa Cruz Trek
in the Cordillera Blanca.
Meet the friendly
and helpful locals,
see what and how they build
and what they do.
We did what in some guidebooks often is called the gringo trail plus an extra loop to the Cordillera Blanca: The journey is quite straightforward to plan and to do, although I would skip the Arequipa and Nasca lines stuff if I would travel to Peru one more time. On second thoughts, I would concentrate on Cuzco region and the Cordillera Blanca for hiking; maybe walk the Salcantay Pampa to Machu Picchu, since this one tends to be less crowded that the Inca trail and can be done more "individually". Then one could do some longer treks in the Cordillera Blanca. If you decide to do the Inka trail, walking sticks are highly recommended, but the standard trekking ones are "forbidded", since they destroy the path/stones with their metal. Take some rubber protectors for them with you, or buy the wooden stick from the locals. More advice for walks is given on the Santa Cruz Trek page.

Regarding accomodation and getting around, things might change quite quickly, so grab an up-to-date guidebook. Different tour operators often sell you the same stuff, but at a different price. Check this before you pay and leave. Sometimes it's better and/or cheaper just to hire a taxi and take a private tour.

Be aware that the money machines from different bank have different maximum amounts, and, of course, try not to get robbed after taking out the money :-) Well, now that we are touching the safety issue: I never really felt unsafe in Peru (at least, no more unsafe as when taking a late subway in any German city). Just stick to the areas recommended by the guidebooks and avoid waving your camera or money around. Theft there is often driven by opportunities. Otherwise I found the locals, shop owner, taxi driver, hotel clerk or mountain guide, nice and helpful.

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