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Welcome to the Mac Gywer page! For my 1999 snowshoe tour I decided to use a sled to pull, rather than a pack to carry. Advantages are for instance that you are able to carry more luggage with you (although you do not really want to, but you have to...), and that yoru back is not wet from the pack. I built the arctic sled quite close the descriptions of these guys here: Thank you guys for your ideas and descriptions! For additional info I browsed the websites of Fjellpulken A/S in Norway.The main difference between these two kinds of sleds are that the professional ones are bigger, heavier, more expensive, whereas the home-made ones are based on a sled for children and can carry a dufflebag or a pack of 90 liters or so, just fine for shorter tours in the winter. Not to talk about the fun you can have when you build it and the fun your friends will have when they see it the first time. Well, it is pretty obvious what to do (from the figure), once you have bought the following:
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As you can imagine, the red box depicted above is supposed to be the sled, and the right hand side is where you pull. A couple of thoughts, you might want to consider:

Detail photos are available. Please click on a thumbnail to view the fullsize image.

The Masterpiece
Detail 1
connection sled-pipe
Detail 2
Detail 3
Action 1
Action 2
Action 3
what's this?
Action 4
make pace
Action 5
not to bad, eh?
Peace 1

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